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From Maine to California, auctions are growing in popularity. Auctions are a fast-paced, interesting selling method that attracts a wide variety of buyers. Homeowners and professionals alike are turning to auctions as the ideal market for moving:

Personal Possessions

TVs, VCRs, and Radios


Oriental Rugs

Late-model Cars

Business Equipment

Antiques & Collectables

And much more!

Who's selling at auction?

Business people count on auctions as a fast, efficient way to move overstocked items. Bankers and lawyers find auctions a time-saving method for liquidating an estate. Fundraisers have discovered that auctions can often bring better results than more conventional ways of raising money.

Why us?

A successful auction starts long before a single item is put up for bid. We offer you a variety of services that ensure your auction will go smoothly—and bring in the fair market value for the goods and services you want sold.

Using a step-by-step approach, we will save you time, money, and effort.

Step 1. We'll find out what your goals are and help establish reasonable expectations, while remaining sympathetic and sensitive to the often emotional aspect of a sale. When needed, we will bring in experts to value the items.

Giguere Auction Co. can relieve you of a variety of logistical headaches. We can arrange to categorize, inventory, lot, box, and move all items in preparation for the sale.

We will also take care of the advance planning for the auction. This includes:

  • Establishing and making clear the proper "terms and conditions" that will govern the auction—methods of payment, transfer of title and bill of sale, and time and place of goods pick-up.
  • All the other major and minor details critical to a smooth-running auction event.

Step 2. We'll determine the location, either at Wildwood Function Center, or another appropriate location, and set the date for the auction. We'll advertise and promote the event with appropriate materials, ranging from ads and direct mail brochures, to telemarketing and listing on this web site.

We believe a well-advertised auction is a well-attended auction!

Step 3. The day of the auction. You'll find that we understand the rhythm of the auction—we know how to please and move a crowd. Our service staff will be there to assist buyers and keep the auction moving.

Our well-run auctions leave both sellers and buyers satisfied the auctions were conducted professionally, with all participants treated equally and fairly. Why be disappointed? Choose your auction company with care. Contact us

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