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Giguere Auction Company
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We offer a wide variety of auction services, with expertise in the following areas:


  • As the executor or personal representative of an estate, you may choose to have a dealer bid on the entire contents of the estate, to move it quickly, but often at a fraction of the actual value.
  • You may remove more valuable pieces to be sold individually, while selling the rest of the estate. This may bring in more money, but may be a time-consuming and aggravating solution.
  • An auction provides the ideal solution. Giguere Auction Co. will inventory and move, if necessary, the entire contents of the estate, arrange for an auction that will bring you fair market value, and save you time, money, and effort.

Inventory Reduction and Business Liquidation:

In today's economy, businesses cannot afford to carry non-productive inventory. Auctions offer an ideal way to cut losses and minimize the financial strain of debt servicing. In the unhappy event of a business closing its doors, an auction can also provide an alternative and effective way to raise cash and satisfy creditors.

We have experience to provide an auction market and audience that will bring the best possible prices on business inventory.


Fundraisers have discovered that auctions are profitable and fun. During a tightening economy, donations are down—corporate funding is dwindling—and traditional fundraising efforts can be disappointing.

Fundraising organizations are finding that potential donors frequently spend more at auction than they would ever contribute in a straight cash donation.

At Giguere Auction Co. we have a great deal of personal and practical experience with fundraising events. We can bring together people and businesses to donate goods and services for auction—and people who will buy those donated items—to support a good cause.

We're ready to advise and guide you and your organization every step of the way to a successful fundraising event. Contact us.

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